November 17th Policy Update

November 17th Policy Update

We have three Policy updates this week —

(a) Tax reform politics. This is our most recent update. It includes a number of new cards from 11-17 to support the tax reform DA as well as updated answers and past impact defense.  The uniqueness debate favors the Negative, but there internal link answers and the impact defense arguments are very strong.  Please remember that there is also a full Tax Cuts Good scenario file that is already available on our website to support extending this disadvantage.

(b) General politics. There is a general politics file available this week that focuses on updates to the 2018 midterms and the 2020 elections.

(c) General update.  We have a general policy update that focuses on relevant impacts, impact defense, kritiks, and kritik answers.

(d) Deficits disadvantage.  The deficits disadvantage has been updated.  We also added an F-35 trade-off disadvantage.

All of the evidence is available here

Good luck this weekend!