Arms Sales Topic Resources

Arms Sales Topic Resources

Saudi Arms Sales Resources


Topic Paper

Topic paper by Dustin Rimmey 

Background (articles) — Process and Topicality

The foreign military sales process (2017)

Foreign Military Sales (2016) 

Essential imperatives for US arms transfer policy (2018)

US arms transfer policy: Shaping the way ahead (2018)

Background (articles) — General

US arms manufacturers are abetting crimes against humanity (2018)

US Increases dominance, arms flows (2019)

Global merchants of death: US arms sales increase by 29%

Major arms sales: US Department of State (2019)

Arms trade is increasing under Trump (2019)

US arms sales: These countries buy the most (2019)

Trends in major arms sales in 2018: Trump rhetoric v. reality (2019)

Trump call on DOD, Diplomats to be better arms sales promoters (2018)

Trump to unleash more global arms sales (2018)

The global arms trade is booming, buyers are spoiled for choice (2018)

Five charts that reveal the state of the global arms market (2019)

Lords of War: Visualizing the Global Arms Trade Network (2019)

Trump makes over $80 billion in arms sales in first year (2018)

Pentagon’s focus on Russia and China expected to alter US arms sales

Arms sales up, but Trump wants more (2018)

Arms sales are on the rise: Here are the top 10 exporting countries (2018)

Which countries dominate the global arms trade (2018)

Risk and the arms sales process (2016)

Under the Influence of Arms (2017)


Arms Sales @ The Guardian

Arms Sales @ The Independent 

Arms Sales @ Foreign Affairs

Think Tanks

Arms Control Association 

Campaign Against Arms Trade

Managing the arms trade @ Stimson Center 


Arms sales treaties and violations  (2018)

Dangerous Trade: Arms Exports, Human Rights, International Reputation (2015)

Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade (2013)

Indefensible; Seven Myths that Sustain the Global Arms Trade (2017)


Saudi Arabia

All of our Saudi Arabia resources are available here

Middle East

Middle East sales up by a massive 87%, mostly US supplied (2019)

Trump’s plan for selling arms to the Middle East (2018)

It’s not diplomacy, it’s an arms fair

Should the United States sell fighter jets to the gulf? (2017)

Reimagining US Military Assistance to the Middle East (2017)

Middle East — Gulf

Military spending and arms sales in the Gulf (2018)


Europe is top destination for US arms sales in 2018 

Does NATO have the mans to defend Europe? (2019)


Germany trails US as world’ s 4th largest arms supplier (2019)


Conventional arms transfers and the crisis of violence in Mexico (2017)


It’s time to end US military aid to the Philippines

Southeast Asia

An arms race in Southeast Asia? 




US Military aid to Israel: Policy implications and options (2017)

US Aid to Israel: What You Need to Know (2019). This article identifies the political difficulties and need for legislation to reduce military aid (which allows Israel to buy arms) to Israel.


Trump comes through with $1.2 billion sale (2017)

US arms sales to Taiwan are the right thing to do (2018)

Washington’s latest lethal arms sale to Taiwan (2017)

Could China and America go to war over Taiwan? (2018)

Taiwan in dead center of China’s territorial ambitions (2017)

Taiwan can win a war with China (2018)


US looks to sell ground attack aircraft to Nigeria (2017)


Why arms sales to the Ukraine are a bad idea (2017)


Capturing Fortress Europe: International Collaboration and the Joint Strike Fighter (2017). This article argues the US should reduce sales to promote

Greater indigenous weapons production in Europe


Hawking drones to allies: The Trump administration loosens arms sales policy (2018)

An action plan on US drone policy (2018)

China has already won the drone wars (2018)

Why Obama is letting China beat the US at global drone sales (2015)

Firearm Exports

Don’t ease export rules on firearms (2019)

Small Arms

Dribbs and Drabbs: Understanding Small Arms Sales Trafficking from the US (2018)

Stopping the destructive spread of small arms (2010)



The false promise of Trump’s arms sales (2019)

The arms trade and oil dependence 

America needs to rethink who it sells arms to (2018)

Time to rethink America’s vast arms deals (2018)

Risky Business: The Role of Arms Sales in US Foreign Policy 

How the “Prevent American Arms Sales Act” Could prevent a catastrophe

French MOD rebukes Trump’s arms sales focus (2019)



Arms sales and the situation of civilians in armed conflict (2017)

The global arms trade: A major cause of suffering 

The Human cost of European arms sales 

America’s arms sales Policy: Security Abroad, Not a Home (2018)

Risky Business: The Role of Arms Sales in Foreign Policy (2018)

Slowing proliferation of major conventional weapons (2017)

Increased military aggression

Arms sales: Pouring gas on the fires of conflict (2018)

Arms transfer policy and foreign dependence (1998). This older article presents statistic evidence that claims that countries that are recipients of arms sales are more militarily aggressive.

The build-up of coercive capacities: Arms imports and the outbreak of violent intrastate conflicts (2018)

Just how big is the international arms trade? (2017) …while arms imports are not a genuine cause of intrastate conflicts, they significantly increase the probability of an onset in countries where conditions are notoriously conducive to conflict. In such situations, arms are not an effective deterrent but rather spark conflict escalation.”


The organized hypocrisy of western foreign policy (2017)

The Ethics of the International Arms Trade (1997)

The tangled web of illicit arms trafficking (no date)

The tangled web: Inside the Gobal arms trade (2018)

Arms sales in the Middle East (2017)

Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)

What is happening to the ATT? (2017)

The truth about the ATT (2017)

Understanding the Arms Trade Treaty from a humanitarian perspective (2017)

The Arms Trade Treaty at a Glance (2016)

Power and Change: Arms Trade Treaty (2017)

Applying the Arms Trade Treaty to ensure the protection of human rights (2017)

Human Rights

Trump’s damning retreat on global human rights  (2017)

Small arms and light weapons control (2017)

Women’s Rights

The impact of arms transfers and spending on women’s rights (2017)


Trump wants to destroy the international order. So what? (2018)


General – Arms sales good

What progressives miss about arms sales (2017)

The case against arms embargoes, even against Saudi Arabia (2019)

China fill-in bad

How dominant is China in the global arms trade? (2018)

How China weaponizes overseas arms trade (2019)

China boosts arms sales by 74% (2017)

China-Latin American sales antagonizing the US? (2018)

China is flooding the Middle East with cheap drones (2019)

Russia and China fill-in bad

Trump administration has a plan to compete with Russia and China over arms sales (2016)

Russia v. China: The race to dominant the arms defense market (2017)

Russia fill-in bad

Russia remains 2nd largest arms supplier, despite sales drop (2019)

The tactical side of Russia’s arms sales to the Middle East (2017)

Russia pushes global arms sales (2019)

Russia views with the US as it steps up arms sales to Southeast Asia (2018)

US losing market share, Russia #1

Russia in the global arms trade (2017)

Russia is in the Middle East to stay (2018)

Russia’s role as an arms exporter (2017)

US Economy/Defense industrial base good

Conventional arms transfers and US economic security (2018)

These US companies dominated the arms trade in 2017 (2017)


Arms sales decisions shouldn’t be about jobs (2019)

The defense industrial base in the 21st century

Instability good/high oil prices good (green energy)

Allied Proliferation/Security — General

Security Cooperation as a National Defense Strategy Tool (2018)

Pentagon is speeding up arms sales to allies (2018)

What is building partner capacity? (2015)

Building Security Partnerships in Collaboration With Industry at the AIA National Aerospace Week Congressional Reception (2017). This testimony argues that sales help support US military power project and defend its allies.

— Allied prolif/security/training answers

Training Wreck (2017)

Building security forces and stabilizing nations: The problem of agency (2015)

Allied Proliferation – Saudi Arabia

Allied Proliferation — Japan

Iran Aggression

The Arab Gulf States and Iran: Military Spending, Modernization, and the Shifting Military Balance (2017)

US Strategy, the Iran Nuclear Agreement, and the Gulf (2018)

China Agression

America must counter China’s great power threat with Military strength (2018)

Russia Aggression

US, Russia must work to thaw relations (2019)

Russia’s global ambitions in perspective (2019)

Exports to allies, not sanctions, would better challenge Russia (2018)

Deterring Russia in the Gray Zone (2019)

Russia’s return to the Middle East  (2017)

Can deterrence and sanctions briddle Russia? (2017)


— Answers

Counterterrorism efforts proving counterproductive (2018)

Corruption in counterterrorism aid programs (2018)

US Politics

(a) 2020 Election

(b) Political Capital



Conditioning Arms sales to build leverage (2018)

Trump Should Give Saudi Arabia a Choice (2017)

Proces/Alternatives to Bans

Reforming US Export Control Reforms (2015)

— Answers

When ‘Anxious Scrutiny’ of Arms Exports Facilitates Humanitarian Disaster (2017)

South Korea

The rise of South Korea’s defense industry and its impact on South Korean relations (2019)

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